You Said What?? 26 Things Your Wife Never Wants to Hear

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Hubs and I were going out with a group of friends for drinks at our favorite local restaurant, and I came out of the bedroom feeling all date night in an off-the-shoulder fitted sweater with soft, slouchy jeans and fabulous boots. Hubs pointed at my jeans and asked, with a slight frown, “What are those?” “They’re called boyfriend […]

Makeup Products. Where to Save, Where to Splurge

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A couple of weeks ago, I published Part I of a two-part series called “The Insider’s Guide to Beauty Products. Are You Spending too Much or Too Little?” It included suggestions and tips on where to save and where to spend on skin care products. Part II of this series answers the most frequently asked questions I’ve received about makeup products during my years […]

Be Kind. Somewhere a Cat will Thank You


When I first heard about 1000 Voices of Compassion and the idea that hundreds of people were planning to go online on February 20th to share blog posts, articles, videos, or photos about compassion and kindness, I was immediately in. When we think of changing the world, we often think of Brangelina-size donations to a third-world country, […]

Saying Good-Bye to Youth. The 5 Stages of Grief


Aging in our society can be tough. Where impossibly perky breasts and toned, cellulite-free thighs are considered minimal requirements for beauty, and natural, inevitable signs of aging are looked upon as failure or weakness, every wrinkle or gray hair can feel like another step towards invisibility. We can put up a valiant struggle to stall the telltale signs of aging and lost youth with rigid diets […]

The Insider’s Guide to Beauty Products. Are You Spending Too Much or Too Little?


  I got a call from a girlfriend recently, all breathless and excited, having just seen an ad for a skincare line that promised to make you “look 10 years younger after only one month of use.” “But it’s $200,” she wailed. “Should I try it?” Friends know that I’ve been in the beauty industry for, well…ever, and I’m […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Laura Ehlers

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The Little White Dress By Laura Ehlers ****WARNING – this installment of Coast of Illinois contains references to female undergarments, and not in that sexy, Fredericks of Hollywood way, but in more of a clinical, listen to your Mother way.******* I bought a sweater dress. A white sweater dress. I am not sure why. I […]

30 Things You Might Not Know About Your Wife


Since the dawn of time, men have complained that women are hard to understand. During my lifetime, I’ve had two dads, three older brothers, and three husbands, and every single one of them claims that women are, essentially, unexplainable. We’re secretive and moody, and no matter how hard our men try to truly know us, we remain […]