From MILF to Middle-Age. 25 Signs It’s Happened to You

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Spending much of my adult life in retail, I’ve come to the conclusion that many women don’t know when it’s time to let go of an era and move gracefully to the next chapter. (And I’m not throwing stones. I recently bequeathed a few clothing favorites to my DIL, after viewing the unfortunate photos from […]

Rules of Engagement. 8 Ways to Keep the Love Alive

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There’s a moment in every marriage when the relationship shifts from Phase I, where everything your partner says is oh-so-witty and even his breathing fascinates you, to Phase II, where the love, although deeper and fuller, feels a little less “hot.” Maybe it happened overnight after a single, unfortunate event (the night he got drunk at your office Christmas […]

Considering a Midlife Career Change? 15 Unexpected Money Makers


A few weeks ago, Hubs announced that after almost 30 years as a contractor, he was thinking about changing careers because he’d “really like to do something else.” I replied, ever-so-gently, that given his linear job experience, I couldn’t imagine what he would suddenly do that would help pay the bills. We were simply too old for […]

Woman vs. Nature. I’m Going Down

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Generally speaking, I love the outdoors. Warm summer temperatures make me want to ride a bike, plant flowers, go for evening  “Howdy, Neighbor” walks to wave at all the people we haven’t seen since last summer, and spend long, lazy days in the sun with a fat book. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t appear to reciprocate my feelings. In fact, […]

Getting Married? 10 Worst First-Dance Songs Ever


I love weddings. The flowers, the tulle, the gowns, the anticipation and celebration of everlasting love. It’s all so romantic and beautiful. But the planning of the blessed event can be anything but. As summer wedding season hits full stride, wedding planners across the country scramble through flurries of last-minute details so the Big Day can go forward without a hitch. There are […]

28 Best Momisms About Beauty

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My mother was a MILF. Of course, she didn’t know it at the time. It was, after all, in the 1960s, and MILFs were 40+ years down the road. When I was in my teens, she would have been referred to as “hot,” or “a fox.” Suffice it to say, she was stunning and all my teenage boyfriends loved her. […]

Living the Frugal Life. Not so Much.

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One recent, sunny afternoon, I decided to make a quick stop at the Taco Bell drive-through and, feeling pleased with my sudden surge of frugality, I reminded the clerk that I was eligible for the senior discount. He replied that although they didn’t actually have a discount, they did offer “older people” a free soft drink. Resisting the […]

Today I Fired my BFF

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I recently read an interesting article about self-talk and the things we say to ourselves every day. Apparently, therapists generally agree that if Hubs or a friend spoke to us the way we speak to ourselves, we’d kick them to the curb right freaking now (okay, I paraphrased). The writer pointed out that since the person we […]

Not Tonight, Dear, I Have a Headache. 15 Reasons Why

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In any long-term relationship, regardless of the love and commitment of the two people involved, sexual desire is going to ebb and flow. Experts assure us it’s normal and natural. Desire can be impacted by stress, hormones, illness or medications, foods we’re eating, alcohol intake, and a host of other human conditions or behaviors, and doesn’t automatically indicate trouble […]

This Wasn’t in the Manual. Epic Mom Fails

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A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that many grandparents lack satisfactory knowledge of today’s safety guidelines for children. It seemed the majority of those grandparents surveyed gave the wrong answer to questions like the best position for infants to sleep, the correct positioning of a car seat, and  whether walkers were good devices to help babies learn to […]