You Asked! Bargain Beauty: Cheap Products I Love

Decorative cosmetics for makeup. Close up.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I’ve been in the beauty industry since the discovery of the mud bath. During that time, I’ve answered hundreds of questions about makeup and skin care products, what to look for, best brands, where to buy them, and how much to spend. In a […]

Menopause Making You Crazy? There’s a Name for That

wild cat

Experts often love to announce a “new discovery” that the general population has known for decades. Chocolate makes you feel good (ya think?). Red wine is good for you (duh). And menopause can make you crazy (this study took how many years??). While researching another post, I was doing a quick scan through my MD […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Lynne Cobb

Lynne Cobb photo

“Say what you want about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins.” – Mae West  Yes, peri-menopause is making me a changed woman. It is doing things to my body and brain that I never knew it could. It is also changing my house. How, you ask? Because menopause is transforming the bedroom […]

50 Things That Are (Sometimes) Better Than Sex

best feeling

A few days ago, I was sitting in my office writing this post, and Hubs walked in. This is rare, because he knows that when I’m writing, my office is like the Bermuda Triangle. People who come in here while I’m trying to be interesting and witty are often never seen again. “Whatcha doing?”  he asked. Rolling […]

I Filed for Divorce. Didn’t You Get My Text?

no wifi

  Conduct any kind of survey, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t agree that social media has forever changed the way our society communicates with each other. Conversations that used to have to wait until we saw each in person or when one of us got the message on our answering […]

Woman-Speak. From a Man’s Point of View

notice anything

Hubs was heading out the door to go fishing, and I called out, “Are you going to be back in time to mow the yard?” He turned back and replied, “Apparently. What time were you thinking?” “I wasn’t,” I said, “Last night, I thought you said you were going to mow the yard today.” “Bahaha,” […]

If Midlifers Gave Advice to Their Parents

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The Google universe is awash with humorous articles and blog posts on “Momisms” and advice we received during our boomer generation childhoods. Our parents had a seemingly never-ending list of admonitions ready to fire off as we grew up, designed to teach us good manners, the importance of an education, the necessity of safe sex, […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Kathy Kate Mayer

K Mayer

Around town, I’m known as the period mom. But getting the ‘tween and teen females in my circle tampon-ready doesn’t have as much to do with swimming, as it does with my own horrifying maxipad childhood, which went something like this: ———————– “You wait here,” I yelled over my shoulder to the cute boy cautiously stepping off Bus #16 […]

How to Ditch the Drama Mama. (Even if She’s You)


I got a call last weekend from an obviously distressed friend, who blasted me with a 30-minute, breathless tirade about her belief that her hubs and close friend were having an affair. My first reaction was to make a joke, because this woman thinks every female in town is hot for her hubs and whenever he’s […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Barbara Hammond

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Zero to 60 and beyond Blogging is bad for the waistline! There… the truth is out! I don’t like it, but I can’t stop writing. So… what’s the answer? There’s always ‘shapewear’. They’ve tried to make a girdle sexy. Sorry… not working! It is still a girdle. In the hot summer, when you can barely […]