Things I Fail At. Every. Single. Time.


I was watching The Voice recently, and I found myself imagining what life would be like for someone with that kind of talent. These people were amazing, and I imagined that the world must be like a nonstop birthday party for the lucky few that could belt out a heart-wrenching rendition of “Endless Love” and turn it into a […]

What Not to Say to a Writer

I write

Writers are a funny breed. We’re highly imaginative and often extroverted but spend vast amounts of time alone. We freely share huge pieces of our lives without reservation or filters, but we’re also oddly reserved, preferring to spend our time connecting with people on paper rather than in real life. We’re fiercely private about our writing […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Barb Best


TOP TIPS 4 OUR DARLING 20-SOMETHINGS Many of us have 20-Somethings… the youngest of the millennials. Many are “boomerang kids” or low flying offspring of helicopter parents.  We suspect we may have hindered their development by being pathologically overprotective and overscheduling their childhoods. But, who knows, maybe some day those clarinet lessons, lacrosse skills, and […]

Sex. The Good, the Bad, and the What the Hell Were We Thinking?

sexy drunk

Sex. We think about it, talk about it, chase it, avoid it, admit to it, deny it, yearn for it, or maybe content without it. Some women believe it’s second only to chocolate, while others, frankly, don’t understand what the fuss is all about. But it weaves itself into our lives in context with where we’re at, at that moment. Sex […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Lisa Listwa

Author Image - Lisa A. Listwa

There are some family stories that become legendary the moment they happen. They are the stories that are so completely unbelievable, that they simply have to be true. You know the kind – the ones that make people say “wow, you can’t make up stuff this good.” It’s true – you really can’t. Being a new […]

The Neighbors. They Like Us. Really, They Do.

cops at neighbors

Two years ago, Hubs and I decided to join the downsizing movement and sell our house. It wasn’t a big house, but it was pretty and sat on a large lawn, with seven huge fir trees on one side, creating a park-like section where we hosted a thousand bbqs, most summer family gatherings, and our son’s wedding. But, like […]

Men Confess. What They’re Really Thinking When We’re Talking

what the other one thinks

One night I was having a small pity party over something I no longer remember, and I told Hubs he didn’t seem to love me as much as he used to. He did the appropriate hubby thing and gave me a hug, repeating how much he loved and how lucky he was, blah, blah, blah, but I sensed a certain sigh […]

Finding the Funny with Lee Gaitan


              I Forgot to Remember Man, I really hate when I forget to do things. I don’t mean forget-to-go-to-the-dry-cleaners kinds of things, which I do on a regular basis, or even forget-to-put-your-dentures-in-before-going-to-work kinds of things, which I only do on an semi-regular basis. I mean things like “be independently wealthy” or “become the ruler of […]