11 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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I started teaching makeup application in the early 80’s. I was living in Canada at the time, working as a Training Manager for Estee Lauder. For those of you who prefer visuals to statistics, we established the first Clinique counter in Western Canada. (Yes, I’m that old.) 30+ years later, having applied makeup on hundreds women of all ages, a few […]

Love Lessons From My Third Marriage

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Okay, I confess. I’m on my third marriage. I usually admit to only two, because my first marriage was a short-lived, youthful mismatch. We parted ways a few months after the I do’s, and we’ve never crossed paths again. My second marriage lasted for 16 years, but ended when we grew too far apart to find our way back as a […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Kathleen O’Donnell

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Sometimes I say things. I guess they’re embarrassing. My oldest son Daniel is frequently called upon to tell me, “Mother, you shouldn’t say that out loud.” He always calls me Mother. With that tone. You know the one. I’ve already confessed I was a young mother. A too young, 17 year old mother. I was the best mother […]

I Auditioned to Be a Spanx Model. It’s Been Six Months and They Haven’t Called

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In Gone With the Wind, they were called “corsets.” Our mothers called them “girdles.” Our generation knows them as “Spanx.” Tiny pieces of tight spandex designed to lift, tighten, squish, shove, and compress evidence of our age, our expired gym memberships from 2007, and our post-menopausal passion for Girl Scout Thin Mints and red wine […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Liane Kupferberg Carter


When Mom “Likes” Too Much By Liane Kupferberg Carter Okay, I’m going out on a limb here. I’m a middle-aged mom and I love Facebook.  And no, I’m not playing games like FarmVille, Kingdoms of Camelot or Mafia Wars.  I love it for networking. So when “Saturday Night Live” recently aired a fake ad for […]

Shopping for Your Wife? How Not to Screw it Up

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Hubs and I were sitting at a local winery with a group of friends, when I overheard one of the men comment that he needed to buy his wife a birthday present and he was stressed out because he had no idea what to get her. I didn’t hear Hubs’ response, so I asked him about it on the drive home. […]

21 Signs the Honeymoon Might be Over

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Out with a group of girlfriends, chattering nonstop over wine and a variety of appetizers, when the conversation inevitably  turned to the current state of our marriages. One woman commented that her husband had recently walked in front of her into a local drugstore and let go of the door, completely oblivious to the fact that it closed in her […]