The Neighbors. They Like Us. Really, They Do.

cops at neighbors

Two years ago, Hubs and I decided to join the downsizing movement and sell our house. It wasn’t a big house, but it was pretty and sat on a large lawn, with seven huge fir trees on one side, creating a park-like section where we hosted a thousand bbqs, most summer family gatherings, and our son’s wedding. But, like […]

Men Confess. What They’re Really Thinking When We’re Talking

what the other one thinks

One night I was having a small pity party over something I no longer remember, and I told Hubs he didn’t seem to love me as much as he used to. He did the appropriate hubby thing and gave me a hug, repeating how much he loved and how lucky he was, blah, blah, blah, but I sensed a certain sigh […]

Finding the Funny with Lee Gaitan


              I Forgot to Remember Man, I really hate when I forget to do things. I don’t mean forget-to-go-to-the-dry-cleaners kinds of things, which I do on a regular basis, or even forget-to-put-your-dentures-in-before-going-to-work kinds of things, which I only do on an semi-regular basis. I mean things like “be independently wealthy” or “become the ruler of […]

Frumpy Fashion. What You Shouldn’t Have in Your Closet at Any Age

do me sweater

Google “What Not to Wear After 50″ or “Fashion Do’s and Don’ts After Menopause,” and you’ll find a  tsunami of advice articles. From Time Magazine’s commentary on current fashion trends to Tina Fey’s stand-up comedy, it seems everyone (I confess, including me) has an opinion on what works and what doesn’t after any given decade, marked by any birthday that ends […]

The Midlife Crisis. Not Just for Men Anymore


In the ongoing and age-old battle for equality between the sexes, women have recently achieved a new victory. It seems that Science has determined that men aren’t the only sex that experiences a midlife crisis. Studies show that women are just as likely as their Hubs’ to take a little reality detour between the ages of 40-60. […]

9 Ways to Light Up Your Man. (Or Not)


I was recently running a Google search for material on another post, and up popped a dropdown selection of ways to spice things up in ye’ ole marital bedroom. Congenitally incapable of not going where I shouldn’t, I clicked on a few links. Three hours later, my cheeks hurt from laughing out loud at the visuals in my head, as I […]

Becoming a Better Person. This Might Take a While

fish wine

Like most people, I find myself occasionally taking stock of myself and my life, looking for things I could do better. To become a kinder, healthier, stronger, more financially stable, better educated, more loving wife, mother, and daughter. Whew. Big job. Big. Friends and family can (and often do) cheerfully point out that the majority of my self-improvement […]

The Big Girl Panties Society. Rules for Membership

freaking fabulous

The first time I heard someone say “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it,” I burst out laughing and spit my wine across my computer keyboard. My mind had an instant visual of a middle-aged woman sword fighting in nothing but her underwear.  My brain goes places others’ don’t. I decided then and there to […]