Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Barbara Hammond

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Zero to 60 and beyond Blogging is bad for the waistline! There… the truth is out! I don’t like it, but I can’t stop writing. So… what’s the answer? There’s always ‘shapewear’. They’ve tried to make a girdle sexy. Sorry… not working! It is still a girdle. In the hot summer, when you can barely […]

Love Your Body. 18 (Not So) EZ Tips to Try Right Now

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I recently saw an article whose headline offered tips for women to help them love their bodies. They proclaimed that it was “time to rebuild your love for your amazing body and what it could do,” and to “believe in your beauty no matter what your size or shape.” Naturally, I’m open to any advice on […]

Cheating on Your Wife? How Not to Get Caught

cheating on your wife

So you’ve met her. Maybe she works in your office. Maybe you bumped into her in the produce department at your local grocery store. Or maybe she runs the same route that you do every morning through the park. But you can’t stop thinking about her. It doesn’t matter that you’re married. What starts out […]

Finding the Funny with Guest Blogger Roxanne Jones


Breaking Bad (Wind): Flatulence in Midlife Oh, the indignities of midlife. If sagging skin, a flat ass and dried out lady parts aren’t enough, there’s also flatulence to contend with. I could heat the house I produce so much methane tooting my own horn. I know, I know…talking about farts (or fahts, as we say […]

What Never to Say to Your Adult, Married Son

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A recent Google search for articles on empty nest syndrome turned up almost 4 million posts. Apparently it’s a universal phenomena among the boomer generation. Our kids are leaving home, pursuing further education and careers, getting married, having our grandbabies, buying homes, and generally living life quite happily without our round-the-clock helicopter parenting. We’ve known from […]

If Women Ruled the World

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I came across this quote one day that instantly had me laughing out loud, and my brain began writing a post even before I rushed down the hall to my office. “Can you imagine a world without men? No crime, and lots of fat, happy women.” ~ Marion Smith After much not-so-serious thought, and a […]

Moms Share Bedtime Stories of Their SNORING HUSBANDS

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Snoring Husbands: A Guest Post with Tina, Lauren, and Marcia Tina, Lauren, and Marcia, and are dedicated writers and mom bloggers who make no bones about their quest for a good-night sleep! Today they confess to being kept awake at night by loud snores from the body sleeping next to them, their husbands! Tina of […]

Things I Fail At. Every. Single. Time.


I was watching The Voice recently, and I found myself imagining what life would be like for someone with that kind of talent. These people were amazing, and I imagined that the world must be like a nonstop birthday party for the lucky few that could belt out a heart-wrenching rendition of “Endless Love” and turn it into a […]

What Not to Say to a Writer

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Writers are a funny breed. We’re highly imaginative and often extroverted but spend vast amounts of time alone. We freely share huge pieces of our lives without reservation or filters, but we’re also oddly reserved, preferring to spend our time connecting with people on paper rather than in real life. We’re fiercely private about our writing […]